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Excalibur video manuals

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

3rd Party Integration3rd party integration
AuditAudit description in Dashboard
CitrixCitrix integration
CPUILogin screen description
DashboardLogin to the Dashboard- Basic overview of the user
Face loginLogin to the PC with face recognition
GeofencesHow to create geofence
Getting startedInstallation of client / token, User's Registration/Login
GroupsCreate group and assign users to the group
IncidentHow to find incident
Intro ExcaliburIntroduction to Excalibur
LockingLock / Unlock to PC
LoginLogin to the PC. FaceID/Fingerprint PIN
OTP LoginOffline login with OTP code
Peer verificationVerification with another person
Ping IntegrationPing Federate integration
PoliciesCreate Security policy
Self registrationSelf registration of the user
Tokenless loginLogin when user forgot token
UACUser access control to system/ application
Login without scanning QR codeLogin without scanning QR code

Privileged Access Management (PAM)

PAM: Launch application How to launch preview PAM resource, find text in session
PAM application edit deleteHow to edit/delete PAM resource
PAM assign computer and user groupHow to assigng PAM resource to user
PAM create connectionHow to create PAM connection/resource
PAM detailsHow to check detail of the PAM resource
PAM keyword searchHow to search keyword in PAM session
PAM session recording & reviewHow to record & review executed PAM session
PAM filetransferHow to upload / download file via RDP PAM session
HTTP Proxy Slovensko SK (ToDo)HTTP proxy target, used smartcard for login to private zone
HTTP Proxy SWIFT full versionHTTP proxy target SWIFT, Login, recorded session
HTTP Proxy SWIFT short versionHTTP proxy target SWIFT, Login, recorded session
NLA RDP SSMSLogin to target via trusted AD /NLA/


Session historyHow to preview sessions in the Token
Reset PINHow to reset PIN
Show PasswordHow to show password on token
Home LocationsHow to set Home location
Disabling sessions manipulation when a location mock is detectedHow Excalibur Token turns off sessions manipulation when a location mock is detected.
Rooted device detectionVideo shows how Excalibur Token detects rooted device