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This sectiom provides information about Excalibur and Excalibur TRESK design

Excalibur utilizes the user’s smartphone to act as a secure hardware token for any and all authentication and authorization needs. The ultimate goal is to move all forms of authentication and authorization away from passwords, replace them seamlessly with smartphone-based strong but user friendly multi-factor authentication. Excalibur's unique value is in providing backward compatibility with all the applications, Operating Systems (OS) and services used today thus creating a bridge between the password-based present and password-free future. For more information see Excalibur Whitepaper

TRESK is responsible for establishing and managing connections between Target and TRESK-Server, either via TRESK-V3-VM or TRESK-Client. After registration and SSH tunnel establishment all traffic between TRESK-Server and TRESK-V3-VM, or between TRESK-Server and TRESK-Client occurs inside this SSH tunnel (aka port forwarding via SSH or SSH tunneling) which is encrypted and thus safe even for transmitting information that uses an unencrypted protocol. Communication between TRESK-V3-VM and Target is done using application protocol (SSH, RDP or VNC). For more information see Excalibur Tresk Whitepaper